It shall constructed of a basic ribbed one piece extrusion, heat treated for min.

Includes 5⁄8" diameter anchor bolts.

Item No. Are you building a new facility, we can supply all your diving needs from stands, fulcrums, ladders, diving boards, and hinge parts to accessories that will make your competitive diving facility rival that of any aquatic facility.

Duraflex diving boards are a one piece ribbed extrusion of aluminum alloy and acknowledged as one of the finest aluminum boards and found in leading competitive.

Fiber-Dive Diving Board Replacements.

. 35-205. .


NOTE: Durafirm Diving Stands and Duraflex Diving Boards can only be supplied to pools meeting FINA and local code safety standards. . .

. Tapered from fulcrum area to diving tip and tapered from fulcrum area to anchor end.

Diving Board.

The 14’ Duraflex diving board is used for recreational diving in pools that have diving-well dimensions conforming to FINA, USA Diving, and/or NCAA dimensional requirements.

We are a well-recognized business unit from South Delhi, fulfilling market demands for Life Jacket, Water Polo Cap, Duraflex Diving Boards and many other premium quality products. It also includes 1 each male and female hinges, (1).

Dolphin 3001 Parts Dolphin C3 Parts Dolphin C4 Parts Dolphin C5 Parts Dolphin C6 Plus Parts Dolphin C7 Parts Dolphin ProX 2 Parts Dolphin Wave Drains, Fittings and Skimmers Drinking Fountains Duraflex - Diving Stands & Parts Durapro Skimmer & Rakes. The Diving Board made of aluminum extrusion type spring board.

28 – $ 12.
The Maxiflex B aluminum competition diving board has a machined double taper from tip to fulcrum and 200 perforations at the tip of the board.



Duraflex Diving Boards. Duraflex Diving Boards. .

They are tapered from the fulcrum area to the diving tip. . 75. . Your Duraflex board and stand requires consistent inspection and periodic maintenance. This board is basically a one-piece ribbed.

If these two elements rub against each other, it can cause your diving board to crack.

. Width: 19 5/8".

Replacement of rubber.



Boards come complete with new rubber channels and stainless steel hardware.

The Duraflex Complete Hinge Assembly is used with the SF122 Board Bolt Kit to attach a Duraflex diving board to a Durafirm stand.